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Personal Injury Settlement Consulting
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Personal Injury Settlement Consulting

Will you or your client soon receive a personal injury settlement? Do you or your client receive Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or other public benefits? Have you already received a settlement amount, but just aren’t sure how to best manage the details of how to benefit long-term from your award? Oast & Taylor’s legal team, with years of experience working with personal injury attorneys and their clients, can help you organize, plan and maximize your settlement experience.


Understanding Your Responsibilities

Along with a settlement, there often come specific guidelines, benefits that must be managed as they relate to the case, and other areas that can be overwhelming at times. Oast & Taylor can:

  • Review and assess your public benefits, such as Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, and SSDI, and determine how your settlement will affect these benefits
  • Development of a plan to minimize your award’s impact on your public benefits
  • Determine whether a Medicare Set-Aside is necessary

  • Complete any necessary special needs planning, including establishing an Individual Special Needs Trust or Pooled Special Needs Trust Account

  • Assistance with the settlement of cases on behalf of minors, creation of a Preservation Trust, and providing advice on methods to fund the settlement

  • Representation at the settlement hearing, to explain to intricacies of the plan and the provisions of the trust agreement
  • Offer counsel on the possibility of establishing a Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF), a tool that may speed up settlement of your case


We Can Help

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