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Life Care Planning
Virginia Life Care Planning lawyers. A little bit of planning leads to a world of peace of mind.


Life Care Planning

Are you the caretaker of an aging parent? Are your parents still on their own now, but beginning to need your help a little bit more as each year passes?

Life Care Planning is a preventative opportunity for us to work together to promote and maintain the health, safety, and well-being of your parent or loved one. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan for addressing future concerns and goals.



As leaders in Life Care Planning, Oast & Taylor can:

  • Help in determining appropriate levels of care when and if necessary, whether it be in-home or residential care
  • Identify and locate appropriate public and private financial resources to assist with the payment of long-term care expenses
  • Review and update Wills, Trust Agreements and other legal documents
  • Provide reassurance and trust that your loved one is receiving the appropriate level of care, while every effort is made to preserve existing assets and resources
  • Provide peace of mind to your loved one’s entire caretaking team by creating a balance that focuses on his or her healthcare, financial, social, legal, and psychological well-being

We Can Help

Preparing your family with options and planning early can greatly alleviate stress and worry, as well as give you the opportunity to involve your family in a collaborative, positive experience.

If you are a caretaker, or future caretaker, and you have questions about Life Care Planning, click here to submit an online request and we will be happy to discuss your needs and concerns.


Here are some items that may be helpful in your planning. If you need additional help, please contact us.

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A Note for Advisors

Please note that the law firm of Oast & Taylor is in one business only – that of representing our clients in elder law matters. Oast & Taylor is not in the investment or brokerage business. We do not have a financial services firm. We have no alternative agendas.

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